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How to access older meetings

By default these committees only display meetings that have taken place in the last year.  If you wish to see older meetings listed you can edit the Display meetings in date range: From Date at the top of the list of meetings.  By setting this value to the 04 May 2015 and pressing Submit you will see all the meetings for this committee.   

You can navigate through this list using the page numbers at the bottom left of the list

CMIS Organisation Structure

2015 Onwards


A joint health overview and scrutiny committee comprising Bedford, Central Beds, Luton and Milton Keynes Councils (BLMK), appointed to oversee and scrutinise proposals from the BLMK Sustainability Transformation Partnership (STP)

Full Council

Extra-ordinary Meeting

Scrutiny Crime and Disorder Committee

The Crime and Disorder Committee is held annually to review and scrutinise the work of the Community Safety Partnership in relation to crime and community safety.