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Committee Management Information System (CMIS)

For the foreseeable future, Committee meetings will take place virtually, via Skype.  Please click on the link in the agenda for the meetings you are interested in, to hear the audio debate.

The Democracy Team will keep you informed about meetings taking place in the Calendar, shown under the ‘meetings’ tab.

The Committee Management Information System (CMIS) enables you to find out about the various committees and individuals who represent you on your local council. Find out who sits on which committees, examine agendas and minutes of any meeting and find out how to contact any member of your local council.

Documents are shown for the current year.  If you need to access documents for previous years, select  'Committees' followed by the year you require from the drop down menu entitled 'Select a period'.

To view the Forward Plan of Key Decisions, select 'Documents'  followed by ‘Public Documents’ from the menu above and then click  the [Public Documents] folder.

During the coronavirus pandemic and in order to observe social distancing rules, the Council have arranged for access to Development Control Committee meetings to continue for the public, with the use of written representations rather than attendance in person. Please see further details in the public documents section: https://democracy.luton.gov.uk/cmis5public/Documents/PublicDocuments.aspx